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Tephrite, or tephra, is the pyroclastic material of heterogeneous composition and size produced during a volcanic eruption, from ashes to large boulders.

Sigurdur Thorarinsson

Vesuvius, September 2018.

Vesuvius, detail of the sculpture by Vladimir Velickovic, The ancestor, Creator Vesevo, February 2017.
Bacoli, Naples, Temple of Diana,  pareidolic illusory effect, September 2018.

Villa of Augustus, detail, Somma Vesuviana, Naples, January 2016.
Monte Nuovo, Pozzuoli, Naples, a volcanic stone collected on the path, September 2018.

Cuma, September 2019.
Cuma, pareidolic illusory effect, September 2019.

Somma Vesuviana, Naples, Lucerne Festival, August 2018.
Stabia, Villa San Marco, June 2019.

Campi Flegrei, Naples, May 2017.

This work is a personal photographic study of the vast volcanic area that surrounds the city of Naples and its province. It is an imaginary journey into a parallel world, composed of stone, forests and ancient remains. In this undefined land, suspended in time, careful observation of the details of the landscape can reveal fairy-tale and demonic characters, through a pareidolic illusory effect.

A mountain that for many of us is home as well as a volcano. A complex land, full of charm, where ancient rites and traditions are handed down, and where good and evil, light and dark, and black and white coexist in their infinite gradations and form a single work, as in a photograph.

This is a tribute to the places of my childhood and adolescence, and to nature, its strength and its mysteries.


Keep playing again

When a wolf bade me farewell

The young wolf may stray from its pack in search of new territories to settle, looking for a mate to establish a new pack.

Calabria, Sila, March 2018.
Calabria, on the 106 Jonica state road, July 2018.
Calabria, Sila, March 2018.
Calabria, Sila, March 2018.

Stuffed wolf, Sila, Calabria, August 2020.

Calabria, Isola di Capo Rizzuto, August 2020.

Mariateresa, Capo Colonna, Calabria, March 2018.

Calabria, Lake Lorica, September 2019.
Santa Severina, Calabria, June 2018.
Calabria, Sila, December 2019.Lunar eclipse, Cerenzia, Calabria, July 2018.


The term "esoteric" is derived from the Ancient Greek "esóteros", meaning "inner", a clear reference to spirituality, to that which is hidden, to that which is not immediately apparent. Over time this word has been taken to refer to all those spiritual doctrines that are, in part at least, secret or confidential.
Milan, an abandoned mask, December 2018.
Prague, March 2017.

Alessandro with one of his amulets, Milan, July 2022.
Palazzo Reale, Milan, May 2017.

Pentacle, Milan, July 2022.
Alessandro with his black skull, a ritualized candle, Milan, July 2022.
Alessandro, medium, esoteric operator, esoteric master, Milan, July 2022.
Baptistery, Milan Cathedral, September 2020.San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milan, October 2020.

© LUIGI MOSCA — 2024
Luigi Mosca (Cercola, 1981) è un fotografo italiano.
Il suo lavoro di ricerca esplora differenti aspetti che riguardano l’antropolgia, da quello morfologico e più strettamente correlato agli aspetti scientifici, a quello psicologico, focalizzato sulla complessa relazione tra uomo e natura, attraverso un processo di interpretazione che coivolge l’ambiente, il paesaggio, ed il territorio, cercando di restituirne chiavi di lettura che differiscono da quelle usuali.
I suoi lavori sono stati esposti in diverse mostre collettive e personali, tenute da vari festival e gallerie di rilievo internazionale, tra cui la Royal Geographical Society di Londra, ed il Capture Photography Festival di Vancouver.
Nel 2019, con il suo lavoro “Tefra”, ha vinto il premio come miglior portfolio al Diecixdieci Festival di Gonzaga, che ne ha prodotto una mostra ed un menabò.
Vive e lavora a Milano.